CPA™ – Career Path Appreciation

The idea behind the Career Path Appreciation process is to create mutual benefit for individuals and the organisation. Ideally there should be as good a match as possible between the capabilities of individuals and the responsibilities with which they are entrusted. Sound judgements are more likely to be made when this balance prevails, with individuals being in a state of well-being and “in flow” with the challenges of their work. The organisation will benefit from increased productivity and employee commitment.

The CPA takes place during a guided conversation in which the candidate has an opportunity to explore and reflect on his or her career and arrive at an appreciation of the type of work that is likely to be stimulating and sufficiently challenging, both now and in the future. The CPA is used for selection and placement at senior levels, for succession planning and as a platform for mentoring, career path management and competency development.

“Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver